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Notice to Bidders

The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (Ministry) is pleased to announce the launch of the 2022 Licensing Round for Block A1.

Prospective bidders are invited to download the Request for Proposal (RFP) which has been published on the Ministry's website at

To be eligible to participate in the RFP, Bidders are required to register their interest with the Petroleum Commission by sending a completed Form A – Registration Letter (set out in Annex 2 of the RFP and published on the Ministry's website) to, and the Director General, at least 6 weeks prior to the Proposal Deadline.

The Commission has prepared an online data room, the E-Bid Platform, where Bidders may download the RFP, relevant legislation, the Model PEPLA, as well as various other documents that may assist in the preparation of their Proposal.

Once the Bidder has registered its interest with the Commission using Form A – Registration Letter (Annex 2 of the RFP), the Bidder will receive an automatically generated email with instructions on how to access the E-Bid Platform, including how to set up a user name and password.

Note that registering as a Bidder and obtaining access to the E-Bid Platform, does not bind the entity to participate in the Licensing Round.

The proposal deadline is the 6 June 2022, with electronic submission through the E-Bid Platform.






Banjul, The Gambia

For Immediate Release                                          U.S. Embassy Public Affairs Office, 439-2856         

March 9, 2022            


U.S. efforts Support first Solar Green Mini Plant in The Gambia

USG applauds the country’s efforts toward achieving sustainable energy


Banjul, Gambia – The United States Government, through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and Power Africa, worked with the Government of The Gambia and the private sector to launch the country’s first Solar Green Mini Grid Plant located at Nyamanarr in the Upper River Region.

The project, financed under the ECOWAS Renewable Energy Facility (EREF) with support from USAID and Power Africa, involved the design, supply, installation and commissioning of a 120.6 kW solar PV off grid containerized mini grid with battery storage, grid interface, and remote monitoring systems. The project involved installing the generation equipment, building the required distribution network, and supplying 200 smart meters for households in Nyamanarr as well as conducting in-door wiring in households.

This effort will provide electricity access to more than 4,000 residents in the Nyamanarr community who have not had access to any modern energy services for more than a century. This innovative solution will provide access to electricity for the community to support productive activities and enable the community to move up the socio-economic development ladder. With electricity in the village, youth can stay and work in the village, internet facilities with hotpots will be set-up for both educational and leisure purposes, children can study at night, new businesses will grow, and existing enterprises can expand.

The Chargé d'affaires, to The Gambia, Virginia Elliott, commends Unique Energy, promoters of the mini-grid and the Government of The Gambia for working together to see the project come to fruition despite the initial challenges.

“Partnerships between the private and public sector underpin how Power Africa works with many entities in providing effective solutions.  It’s exciting to see communities like Nyamanarr benefiting from renewable energy,” Ms. Elliott said.

Power Africa is the U.S. government-led partnership coordinated by USAID to double electricity access in sub-Saharan Africa. The initiative works through local partnerships such as this one with ECREEE,  and also through the Power Africa Off- Grid Program to extend electricity access to remote rural communities such Nyamannar and several others across the sub-region that still do not have access to modern energy services. The U.S. government invests approximately $50 million in partnership with The Gambia and will continue to support partnerships aimed at developing a sustainable energy landscape in West Africa, including the $25 million Millennium Challenge Threshold program.

Power Africa is a U.S. Government-led partnership, coordinated by USAID, that brings together the collective resources of over 170 public and private sector partners to double access to electricity in sub-Saharan Africa. The initiative has two distinct goals: 1) to increase new generation capacity by 30,000 megawatts, and 2) to help create 60 million new electricity connections by 2030.  For more information, visit

























General Procurement Notice


Ministry of Petroleum and Energy

The Republic of The Gambia

The $25 million Millennium Challenge Corporation (“MCC”) Threshold Program with The Gambia is focused on supporting the country’s electricity sector, including critical policy and institutional reforms to develop more effective, accountable, and transparent governance for the sector, as well as improved utility operations.

MCC has contracted Crown Agents to perform Procurement Agent Services on behalf of the Government of The Gambia, for the procurements to be funded by the Threshold Program.

During the next nine months starting from March 1, 2022, the MCAG plans to begin procedures to procure the following services and goods :

Procurements for the period 1st March 2022 to 31st December 2022
Estimated Value – USD 22.1 million

Procurement of Services (to include Consultant Services)
* Power Sector Threshold Program Support Contractor (PSTSC)
* Data Quality Review
* Fiscal Agent Services
* Procurement Agent Services (Individual Consultants)

Procurement of Goods
* IT equipment (Computers, laptops, software, printers)
* Vehicles
* Office Furniture and general office supplies

All Contracts for Goods, Works and Services will be implemented according to the principles, rules and procedures set out in the MCC Program Procurement Guidelines which can be found at the MCC’s website.

Procurements are open to all bidders from all eligible countries as defined in the MCC Program Procurement Guidelines. Specific procurement notices for contracts to be tendered will be announced, as they become available, on United Nations Development Business (, dgMarket:, and other media outlets.

Interested eligible contractors and consultants who wish to be included on the mailing list to receive a copy of advertisements, or those requiring additional information, should contact:
Procurement Agent for the Millennium Challenge Account – Gambia Zenobia Maddy


Ministry of Petroleum and Energy

Press Release

April 2022 Retail Fuel Pump Price

Further to the monthly fuel price structure announcement for April 2022, The Government of The Gambia has been monitoring international fuel prices for the last few months. Recently, several factors have  adversely  affected Global markets pushing the cost of fuel importation (shipping, premiums, etc) higher.

 The main factor is  the war in Europe, following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the response to  sanctions against Russia  which is also a major oil supplier and distribution hub. The global fuel supply system has been faced with tight supply conditions as well as several uncertainties with global implications. Oil prices over the last few months continue to demonstrate very high volatility having a trickle-down effect on Platts prices  used to benchmark prices for refined fuels which have peaked above $1000/MT for both Diesel (AGO) and Petrol (PMS) during the reference pricing period. 

Prior to this unmitigated peak owing to global supply constraints, The Government of the Gambia has tried to mitigate these external pressures on the pump price by absorbing the sharp increments over the last 60 days to ease the pressure on pump prices for the populace. However, with no certainty on the normalisaiton of the geopolitical situation, the government would like to assure the public and businesses that various measures have been put in place to ensure;

  1. Energy security
  2. Sustainable Retail fuel prices
  3. Long-term Price Stability

The Government has absorbed the effects of the increment by reducing the price from D80 to the current pump price (PMS D65.39 and AGO D61). This is geared toward easing the effects of the price hikes on the general public, especially in anticipation of  Ramadan in the coming days. 

The Government thanks the public for their understanding and continued support.

FAR Gambia Limited's, reaction to the Gambia's 2021 Licensing Round

“FAR Gambia Ltd (FAR) acquired the A2 and A5 licences, offshore The Gambia, as the operator, in 2017 and PC Gambia Ltd, a subsidiary of Petroleum Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS) farmed-in in 2018 to create the FAR-PETRONAS joint venture (“the JV”).  With the support of the Government of The Gambia, the JV drilled a well in 2018, the first well in Gambian waters for nearly 40 years.

The JV continues to remain confident and positive regarding the prospectively of both blocks, having completed the acquisition of a further 600 square kilometers of 3D seismic in 2020 and planning the imminent spud of the Bambo-1 well in mid-November of this year (2021).

The JV has maintained a close and supportive relationship with the Government of The Gambia and we are delighted to be once again drilling offshore Block A2 – the Bambo -1, which is 17km to the South of Sangomar oil field.

As a further demonstration of our confidence in the region’s perspectivity and the Host Authority, the JV was pleased to renegotiate the license agreement 2019 (the “Licence Agreement”) with the Government of The Gambia to align the Licence Agreement with the model license agreement that was used in the 2018 licensing round.

This Licence Agreement now contains modern industry standards in areas such as economic stabilization and international arbitrations and further created a clear process of interaction between the Government of The Gambia and the JV.  During this exercise, the relationship between the Government of The Gambia and the JV has grown stronger and strengthened by mutual respect of the parties.  There is a very positive history of interaction and learning from each other to foster a collaborative engagement in the best interest of all parties towards finding hydrocarbons.  Although The Gambia is a small frontier country, the interaction with the Gambian Government team has been constructive and focused, and is a positive example of how a Government can create an appropriate environment for international oil companies.”



In another milestone development in our quest to find oil, the Ministry is pleased to announce that, FAR Gambia Ltd, and its JV partner Petronas have on Sunday started drilling the Bambo-1 exploration well in Block A2, offshore The Gambia.

Bambo-1 well is the second well to be drilled offshore the Gambia within the past three years and is located approximately 85km from the coastline, in 930 meters of water depth and is planned to be drilled to a depth of approximately 3,400 meters.

The drilling campaign is expected to take approximately 30 days. Honourable Minister speaking of the spudding of Bambo-1 Well said “The government and my Ministry will continue to create the environment for such significant investment to be made in Petroleum Exploration. We, very much thank our partners FAR and Petronas for their courage and determination to find oil in the Gambia and we assure them of our continued support.’

More Details on the well can be found on the following link: / Investor Centre.

Following BP’s exit from the A1 Block, which is currently, a subject of a licensing round, the company commenting on their experience in the Gambia stated that:

“bp participated successfully in the 2018 Licensing Round for Block A1 in The Gambia.  We subsequently entered into a Petroleum Exploration Development and Production License Agreement with the Government for Block A1.  Between 2018 and 2020, we undertook various technical activities, including seismic data reprocessing and preparation of a full prospect inventory, in preparation for drilling a potential exploration well. 

In 2020, bp announced a new strategy to ‘reinvent bp’. As part of this we evaluated our global exploration portfolio to align with our new goals, and made the decision to halt exploration activity and exit from The Gambia.  This decision was driven by strategic considerations rather than any technical or commercial considerations specific to Block A1 or The Gambia.  

bp wishes the Government of The Gambia every success in the future development of its energy sector.


The Gambian Ministry Launches RFP for A1 Licensing Round

The Gambia, 07 February 2022: The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, The Gambia, has officially launched the licensing round for Block A1. The Request for Proposal (RFP) is now available for download on the Ministry of Petroleum's (Ministry) website.

Granted initially to BP in 2019, Block A1 became available in August 2021 after the company exited the block. This was part of BP's company strategy to pivot from producing resources to integrating energy. During its time as licensee BP performed the required work obligations, including reprocessing 2D and 3D data, conducting geohazard, geology and geophysical studies, and progressed the block so that it is now drill ready. The 2D and 3D BP reprocessed data is available for licence from TGS, at extremely competitive rates (entry level purchase price 10,000 USD). Additional reports and other data in relation to the block will also be made available free of charge to bidders.

The deadline for submission of bids is the 6 June 2022. Bidders will be required to submit bids electronically through a data room platform.

We encourage all interested bidders to visit to the Ministry website, download the RFP and to register their interest with the Commission in accordance with the instructions in the RFP.

["Our key objective in designing the licensing round is to ensure an attractive fiscal regime with low entry conditions for bidders, transparent procurement process and participation rules, and clear technical and financial minimum qualification criteria. In accordance with best practice there will be one biddable term, which is further explained in RFP" says the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Lamin Camara, The Gambia.]

["Our government team has the necessary experience and is well prepared to repeat the success of the 2018 licensing round, and to once more, start and finish the licensing round within the timeframe (February 2021 to June 2022) announced" says the Commissioner for Petroleum, Jerreh Barrow, The Gambia.]

["The Government wishes to seize this opportunity to thank BP for their strong collaboration during the past two years and their excellent technical work on the block. We are excited to open our doors again to the international oil community, and look forward to working with a new partner in Block A1" says the Honourable Fafa Sanyang, Minister of Petroleum and Energy, The Gambia.]





                          UPDATE ON THE STATUS OF THE BAMBO-1 DRILLING AS OF 6th DEC. 2021

The Ministry reports that, the Bambo well has drilled about 3216m out of a total planned depth of 3450m with Oil indications in rock cuttings and hydrocarbons interpreted from logs obtained while drilling, over a number of intervals in the well. However, this are preliminary findings, and needs to be confirmed through wireline logging.

Some technical challenges, which were addressed were encountered requiring a temporal halting of operations. Operations have resumed and the Ministry thanks the FAR and Petronas Joint Venture for the commitment to delivering on the planned obligations.

More details of on the progress of BAMBO-1 Drilling operations are found on the following link. 

on our download link and on



General Secretariat / Secrétariat Général

WAPP/2021/SG/PIPES/SOLAR/GAMBIA/BH/SH/ad/637-8  October 29, 2021

The Managing Director

National Water and Electricity Company Ltd (NAWEC)

Kanifing Complex, Mamady Manjang Highway

P.O. Box 609, Banjul


Dear Sir,

Subject:             150 MWp WAPP Regional Solar Parks Project in The Gambia

                                     Publication of the Grievance Mechanism (GM)

Within the framework of preparing the above-mentioned project and in compliance with the principles and procedures of the World Bank, a Grievance Mechanism must be developed and published on the website of the ministry in charge of energy in the beneficiary country and made available in other areas where the above-mentioned project is being implemented to ensure wide dissemination in The Gambia. This provision is to inform the Project Affected Persons and beneficing communities on the mechanism set up to deal with all cases of grievances, disputes, complaints and appeals that may arise in the preparation, execution of works or operation of the plant to be installed in The Gambia.

The WAPP Secretariat has just developed and published the Grievance Mechanism document on its website. In order to ensure wide dissemination, we would be grateful if you could take the actions needed for the publication of the attached electronic version of the Grievance Mechanism document on the NAWEC website at the earliest convenience, preferably by November 12, 2021. We shall also appreciate if NAWEC can share with the local authorities of the concerned communities one (1) paper copy of the Grievance Mechanism.

06 BP 2907 Cotonou — République du Bénin

Tel : +(229) 91 21 52 52 / 91 21 53 53 Email : o Site:

The full document is available on the download link under Publications 



• On trend with the 500mmBOE Sangomar Field , first production in 2023, ‘elephant country’
• Comprehensive seismic coverage • ‘State of the art’ seismic processing and prospect definition by BP
• Eland Prospect represents a practically ‘drill ready ‘ prospect , analogous to Sangomar, with a mean recoverable resource estimate of 344 MBO
• Further multi – horizon potential in the Oribi Prospect


At Africa Oil Week 2021, the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy of The Gambia announced that it will be launching a miniLicensing Round for the newly available offshore block A1. Addleshaw Goddard has been appointed by the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy to provide legal support throughout the implementation of the Licensing Round, and we have prepared this report to assist bidders in their legal review of the opportunity. This report provides an overview of the legal and regulatory framework in The Gambia. Parts of this section are written by posting a question and providing the answer to such pointed question to provide a clear and easily accessible overview of the legal and regulatory framework in The Gambia in areas relevant to those operating in the oil and gas sector or looking to invest in the oil and gas sector in The Gambia. The information contained in this report is furnished solely for the purpose of assisting bidders in making their own evaluations of the opportunity to explore, develop and produce petroleum in The Gambia and participating in the Licensing Round 2021. The information contained in, or otherwise made available to bidders pursuant to this report does not purport to be all-inclusive or to contain all the information that a bidder or its advisers may require or desire in relation to the Licensing Round and the opportunity to explore, develop and produce petroleum in The Gambia. The bidder should form its own views as to what information is relevant and make its own investigations, projections and conclusions and consult its own advisers to verify independently such information, and to obtain any additional information that it may require, prior to submitting the any proposal or relying on any information contained in this report.

The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, has announced that it will be launching a mini-licensing round for Block A1 at Africa oil week on the 8th November 2021. This follows the success of the licensing round for drill site in 2018.

Granted initially  to BP in 2019, Block A1 became Available in August this year after the company exited the licence. This is part of BP`s company strategy to pivot from producing resource to integrated energy.

However, BP did perform the required work obligations, including acquiring and reprocessing 2D and 3D data, conducting environmental impact assessment, geohazard, geology, and geophysical studies that matured a number of prospects into drill readiness. "The Government wishes to seize this opportunity to thank BP for their interest and strong collaboration during the past two years that they have worked in the Gambia and wished them good luck in their new strategy focus, hoping to work with them in the future in some other ways", says the Honourable  Fafa Sanyang, Minister of Petroleum and Energy, The Gambia.

The Ministry is working with legal, technical and financial advisors to assist them in designing the licensing round's commercial and fiscal framework that considers the current market environment and creates value for the people of The Gambia. "We are acutely aware of the impact of the energy transition on frontier oil and gas markets such as The Gambia. At the end of the well prepared and fast-tracked licensing round process, we look forward to enter a successful partnership that works for both the Government of the Gambia and the international oil partner to explore the petroleum wealth in the Gambia with conditions that are reflective of the changed reality," says the Honourable Minister Sanyang.

The 2021 licensing round will be based on the same principles of transparency and legitimacy established in the 2018 licensing round. However, to expedite the exploration started by BP, the Ministry has expressed an interest in closing the licensing round as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Details of the structure and timelines will be provided during the Africa Oil Week and related publications.

"Following our previous success in implementing the 2018 licensing round, we believe that launching a mini-licensing round for A1 will ensure the great transparency, legitimacy, and competition. The multi-disciplined government team that was involved in the first licensing round will also be involved in this licensing round and has built up huge capacity over the last few years working closely alongside BP and our legal, technical, and financial advisors," says Mr. Jerreh Barrow, Commissioner for Petroleum, The Gambia.

"Our key objective in designing the licensing round is to ensure an attractive fiscal regime with low entry conditions for bidders, transparent procurement process and participation rules, and clear technical and financial minimum qualification criteria. The Gambia government team has the necessary experience and is well prepared to repeat the success of the 2018 licensing round once more, start and finish the licensing round within the timeframe (December 2021 to May/June 2022) announced," says the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Mr. Lamin Camara, The Gambia.

The Managing Director of the Gambia National Petroleum Corporation Mr. Yaya Barrow is confident that the National Oil Company (NOC) is well placed to partner with any eventual successful  licensee.


For further information or to request for an interview please you can kindly contact:

Permanent Secretary Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Brusubi Roundabout.

Email:,  Tel: +220 3830899


Commissioner for Petroleum Ministry of Petroleum and Energy,Brusubi Roundabout.

Email:,  Tel: +220 9963313





                                       UPDATE ON THE STATUS OF THE BAMBO-1 DRILLING AS OF 23rd DECEMBER 2021

The Ministry reports that FAR Gambia Limited, the Operator on the A2 and A5 Licences, has concluded the drilling and formation evaluation operations for the Bambo-1 well offshore
The Gambia.

The Bambo-1 well has been drilled to a total depth of 3317 metres and it is reported that oil shows and potential reservoirs were encountered, however no live oil columns were present.
It is also reported that the oil shows indicate further hydrocarbon potential nearby and in the wider A2 and A5 blocks.

The Ministry takes this opportunity to thank the Joint Venture, FAR and PETRONAS, for their unwavering commitment to deliver the planned obligations.

The Ministry also affirms its commitment to continue working with and supporting our
Partners in our efforts to find oil.

More detailes of the progress of BAMBO-1 Drilling operation are found on the following link.

Our Download link and on