Licensees and Licensing Process

An applicant for electricity license shall comply with the following requirements;

1. A letter of intent outlining purpose, nature and rationale for application should be submitted to the Gambia Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA);

2. A completed application form along with supporting documentation should be hand-delivered to PURA or submitted by registered post to:

The Gambia Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA)
94 Kairaba Avenue,
P. O. Box 4230,
The Gambia.
Tel: (220) 4399601 / 4399606
Fax: (220) 4399905


3. An acknowledgement form will be given for each application submitted to PURA;

4. All applications and supporting material should be submitted in English;

5. Applicants must submit no fewer than 3 copies of each application and supporting documentation. PURA reserves the right to request additional copies of applications and supporting documentation;

6. Additional information may be requested by PURA or submitted by the applicant in respect of any application at any time before making its recommendations to the Minister;

7. Applicants are required to notify PURA of any change of the information submitted with the application. Notification should be done within fifteen (15) working days after the date of the initial submission;

8. Applicants are required to meet all costs arising from;

     a. The preparation and submission of applications;

     b. Providing any additional information requested; and

     c. The processing of each application including responding to public comments and attending at and making submissions to PURA concerning these applications.

9. All applications and supporting documentation become the property of PURA upon submission. PURA reserves the right to make public the names of corporate entities which have submitted applications as well as such information about the contents of the applications as it deems appropriate. Members of the public and other interested parties will have the right to inspect all applications and supporting documentation and to submit comments to PURA;

10. All supporting material submitted with individual applications which may contain sensitive/confidential information concerning business or commercial or financial affairs should be submitted along with the application in a sealed envelope marked “Confidential Information”. Where PURA proposes to disclose any such information, it will give the applicant reasonable notice and an opportunity to make representations to PURA before PURA makes a final decision on disclosure of such information;

11. PURA reserves the right to conduct discussions with Applicants if necessary;

12. Applicants should be prepared to send a representative(s) to PURA discuss their applications and supporting documentation if requested by PURA; and

PURA, the Minister with responsibility for Energy and/or the Government of The Gambia will not accept responsibility or liability for such costs, regardless of whether or not a license is granted.