Downstream Sector

Petroleum Products supply chain/operations include all operations and activities for or in connection with the import, landing, loading, unloading, refining or processing, transport, storage, distribution, wholesale or retail of petroleum products including the operations of industrial consumers who buy their petroleum products directly from importers or wholesalers.

Public Utility and Regulatory Authority (PURA) is mandated to regulate, oversee and monitor activities in the Petroleum Downstream Sector as stipulated in the Petroleum Products Act 2016.

The legislations under the Downstream sector are:

  • Petroleum Products Act 2016;
  • Public Utility Regulatory Authority Act 2002;
  • Petroleum Products Emergency Supply Plan Regulations 2018;
  • Petroleum Products Health, Safety and Environments 2020;
  • Petroleum Products Importation Regulations 2018;
  • Petroleum Products Service Station Regulations 2018;
  • Petroleum Products Storage Facility Regulations 2020; and
  • Petroleum Products Road Transportation (Business) Regulations 2018.