Licensee and Licensing Process

 If a licensing process is to be undertaken in mining, below are stages involved;

Step 1: Prospecting;

Step 2: Prospective;

Step 3: Application for Mining License;

Step 4: Submission Of Mining Plan (Including Technical And Financial);

Step 5: Submission Of Land Owners Consent;

Step 6: Environmental Impact Assessment;

Step 7: Stakeholders (MOJ, MOFEA, MOL&RG, NEA) Assessment And Scrutiny Of Application;

Step 8: Contract Negotiation; and

Step 9: Grant of A Mining License.

 If a Licensing process is to be undertaken in quarrying, below are stages involved;

Step 1: Reconnaissance Phase;

Step 2: Application for Quarry License;

Step 3: Submission Of Land Owner’s Consent;

Step 4: Environmental Impact Assessment; and

Step 5: Grant of a Quarrying License.


HOLDERS OF MINING AND QUARRYING LICENCE 2019;                                            

  • GACH Mining Co. Ltd: Heavy Mineral Concentrate(Heavy Mineral Sands) and Construction Sand;
  • Unity Mining Co. Ltd: Construction Sand;          
  • Swami India International Co Ltd: Construction Aggregate;       
  • SITTA Company Co. Ltd: Construction Aggregate;          
  • Camara & Sons Mining Co. Ltd: Construction Aggregate;   
  • Colley & Sons Enterprise: Construction Aggregate;         
  • Outhman Mining Co. Ltd: Construction Sand; and      
  • Hassum Quarry Co. Ltd: Construction Aggregate.