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Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Press Release: July 2022 Retail Fuel Pump Price

Ministry of Petroleum and Energy

Press Release

July 2022 Retail Fuel Pump Price

BCQ 208/271/01                                                                                                                                                                         

1st July 2022                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

The general public is hereby informed that there has been an adjustment in the retail fuel prices for the month of July 2022, following an increase in global fuel prices as a result of logistic challenges/ supply chain disruption caused by the continuance of the Ukraine-Russia war

It is important to note that the fuel prices for the month of July would have been PMS D92.95 and AGO D94.11. Government has adjusted these prices to acceptable figures considering the interests of all the players in the value chain. This is to maintain trust and to keep businesses thriving during these trying times.

Government has forgone all its revenue from petroleum products and agreed with the oil marketing companies to also reduce their margins in order to reduce the burden of the fuel price increments on the general public.

With these efforts, the calculated pump price for PMS is D78.76 and AGO D73.78 respectively.

The government reaffirms its commitment to ensuring that fuel is accessible and cost-effective for the general public. Government also seizes this opportunity to thank all the players in the petroleum products supply chain for their relentless efforts in ensuring that fuel products are sourced for the continued supply in The Gambian market.

As we approach the festivities of Eid, we wish you all a joyous Eid Al-Adha