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National energy efficiency strategy The Gambia

National energy efficiency strategy

The Gambia

Scaling up energy efficiency is central to The Gambia’s ambitions to provide affordable, reliable, sustainable and clean electricity for all.

The GoTG has shown a strong interest in promoting a rational and efficient use of energy and is making substantial efforts to move away from its heavily HFO generation model towards a more balance strategy that includes EE as a pillar. Although this interest embodies a good start on the implementation of EE policies, the limited expertise and institutional and financial capacity have delayed progress and will require WORLD BANK GROUP and other partners’ support to strengthen the country’s capacity to design, implement and evaluate EE activities.

To achieve the benefits of EE in The Gambia, a coherent strategy and action plan integrating regulatory measures, incentive, financial, and supporting mechanisms have been designed and to be implemented in each sector. The strategy document can be found at the download link below: